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    Artur Pacek

    Hello Coches,

    Why if we talk about team sports, 12 week off season, athlete with weak lower back we supposed to starts from a
    long range of motion to short, and from strength to speed. An example would be:
    1. Snatch Grip Deadlifts on a Podium
    2. Trap Bar Deadlifts from the Floor
    3. Rack Pulls
    4. Hang Power Clean

    Why the reverse option it would not to be better?


    Martin Jahn

    Hi Artur,

    What is a "weak lower back" in case of your athletes? For Snatch Grip DL, from podium especially, your erectors need to be already pretty solid...?!?

    Joseph Gilfedder

    I find the lower back/erectors to be an extremely interesting topic . I just finished watching Charles' 52 tips video and he spoke of training the low back 5x/ week using a different exercise each day to bring it up in athletes who are weak there. I work predominantly with American football and basketball athletes where acceleration is a huge priority. How would lower back training look when looking to bring up this lagging body part?

    Jance Footit

    Good question. So the shorter ROM versions are supposed to be done with very heavy weight and very explosively. If your structure and form cannot support the load then you will perform the reps improperly and they won't transfer to anything except making a horrible instagram video. When you start with the lighter versions with longer ROM, you train the muscles and the form to keep structural integrity, over time slowly exposing the body to heavier weights so that when you do get to rack pulls and power cleans you can exert maximal force on them without buckling under pressure. The other reason is the rate of transference. You want to go into a season or competition being strong and explosive, but if your training cycle ends with you doing 82x2 deficit snatch grip deadlifts, then you'll go into competition slow and sore. Does this make sense?

    Joseph Gilfedder

    Is training lower back 5x a week (assuming you change volume/intensity/exercise) a viable option to someone with a weak lower back? I heard Charles talk about this. Does anybody have an idea what this would look like?

    Ryan Faehnle

    As a general rule, the weaker something is, the more often you can train it because the training does not induce a drain on adaptive reserves when you are super weak. As an example, if you get rotator cuff surgery, you will be doing strength exercises multiple times daily in rehab until the muscles become strong enough to warrant more recovery, at which point you will gradually space out the sessions to allow for recovery as you get stronger. I will say that doing this for the lower back is certainly possible, but you must tread very cautiously. The lower back can take a long time to recover if you take it past a certain threshold of volume and intensity. If you wanted to do this, I would recommend only 1 day of "hard" training with things like deadlifts or good mornings. The rest of the sessions should consist of a low-volume of less-taxing exercises. 45 degree back extensions, horizontal back extensions, McGill bird-dog exercises, reverse hypers, multifidus chops, suitcase deadlifts, etc. Do less volume than you even think you need to and build up accordingly as you get stronger. It takes a long time to develop the proficiency to train the erectors multiple times per week. Elite Olympic weightlifters come to mind, but it takes years to be able to build up to that type of frequency, and there is no eccentric on the erectors with Olympic lifts, so keep that in mind as well. Use performance as your guide, if your performance begins to suffer, it means that you aren't recovering from the volume or intensity (or exercise difficulty) that you have selected. Again, yes you CAN do this, but just because you can doesn't always mean you SHOULD. Good luck!

    Joseph Gilfedder

    Appreciate it Coach!

    Artur Pacek

    Great answers. Thank you!

    Omar Berkelaar

    Where is that video?

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