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    Matthew Stafford

    Good morning

    I follow the undulating periodization model and have trained in this way for the last few years.

    Im always interested in different models and really like aspects of the conjugate system, esp speed/dynamic days.

    My question is

    If I was to include it in my training and clients, how would this best be achieved on the undulating model or should I just go full conjugate?

    Was thinking a full speed day

    Squat 10 x 2 60 sec rest
    bench 10 x 3 60 sec rest
    dead 15 x 1 60 sec rest

    With a 4 week wave 50/55/60/50% using bands and chains rotated, include it in the accumulation phase and take it out in intensification phase.

    Or would it be best as a B series exercise on a UPP or LWR day, would love to hear the coaches thoughts and experiences.

    Many thanks Matt

    Ryan Faehnle

    I've run this many ways. One way is a hybrid where I have had 3 different workouts for upper and lower body that I rotate though, one for speed, one for max effort, and one for repetitive effort. This works very well for recovery purposes and feels good to have a different "feel" for each session. You could also keep the speed work in year round for a secondary day and have your main day be the undulatory day where you cycle between volume phases and intensity phases. I will say that hypertrophy work (especially slow eccentrics) can have a negative impact on velocity, so if you are interested in training for pure speed, save it for your heaviest intensification cycles.

    Matthew Stafford

    Afternoon Ryan

    Thats great information thanks, will play around and see what works best for me.

    Many thanks for the response

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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