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    Daniel Mattison

    If physique AND strength are my ultimate goals does it make sense to pursue fat loss via the Fat Loss/GBC style programming in isolation? Or alternately to train the hypertrophy/strength programming while still keeping myself in a calorie deficit? I am already in a calorie deficit as I’m training for Fat Loss. But as it stands, my body fat percentage fluctuates between 14-15% right now and my BMI is on the upper end of the normal range (24.8-25.1). As I’m neither an athlete nor a physique competitor all of these details are really personal preference.

    Having said all of this, I don’t really know whether fat loss would still be obtained/optimized by doing the hypertrophy/strength programming on a calorie deficit? If not, and it’s suggested I stick with the Fat Loss programming until I’m leaner then how lean is “lean enough” to where I should switch towards pursuing hypertrophy/strength? Or does it not matter that much for my position and I’m splitting hairs?

    My abs and obliques are already quite visible as it is now. So, I’m just kind of finding my way through the dark here on this and am going by intuition/what feels right.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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