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    Adam Wilson

    Hi guys, just wondering if any you could give me a recommendation (in a broad/general sense) into how to put in any conditioning work (if at any?) into my training program:

    - Currently in my offseason (due to COVID19).
    - Play a Irish sport which is like a hybrid of soccer, rugby, and AFL. Called "Gaelic football".
    - Currently on week 3/phase 1: the explosive athletic performance program - (which I think is fantastic btw.),
    with 2-3 speed sessions added in per week.
    - Main aim of the offseason - get faster (my 20m pb 3.01s) and get stronger (at present bodyweight 83kg: atg squat 100kg x 3, Trap deadlift 155kg x 3).

    Thanks Adam

    Jance Footit

    We want to be sure that the forum doesn't turn into a personal training medium, so I won't give a detailed training plan here but I would point you to a video I just recently put out on 3 simple ways to add metabolic conditioning to your routine. Since you are doing the Athletic performance program already, then you are covering strength and power in your program. What you might want to do is add some of these kinds of workouts maybe once a week in, along with some LISS for overall recovery. Here is the link to the video -

    Adam Wilson

    Thats great thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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