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Hypertrophy Camp, April 22-23, 2023, Colorado Springs, CO


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Got Muscle?

If you don’t, or just want more of it, reserve your spot in this hands-on muscle-building experience.

The course will be taught by Coach Ryan Faehnle, who taught alongside Charles R. Poliquin.  The course will be held at the Strength Sensei Training & Education Center, 3355 Fillmore Ridge Heights, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The course will be based on The Ultimate Guide to Arm Size and Strength and The Ultimate Guide to Squatting by Charles R. Poliquin. These books are included with the course (virtual students will receive eBooks) – just show up and get ready to learn and grow!

Key aspects of the course will include:

  • Understanding the Most Important Physiological Stimuli for Hypertrophy
  • Charles R. Poliquin's Fundamentals for Hypertrophy
  • How to Manipulate Training Volume, Intensity, and Frequency for Hypertrophy
  • Effective Hypertrophy Protocols and Techniques
  • Twice-Per-Day Training for Hypertrophy
  • Training a Muscle at Different Lengths to Create a Specific Stimulus
  • Exercise Technique, Execution, and Applied Effort for Hypertrophy
  • Nutrition and Supplementation Basics for Hypertrophy
  • Peri-Workout Nutrition for Hypertrophy

Early Bird pricing through March 25, 2023:

In-Person: $589     Virtual: $295

Regular price starting March 26, 2023:

In-Person: $689     Virtual: $345

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