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Gut Health for Body Composition Level 2


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Long term gut disturbance, poor quality/insufficient sleep and high stress levels are all intertwined – they can cause extremely detrimental chronic issues and inflammation in the gut and brain and lead to the inability to lose bodyfat and/or gain muscle mass.

One major cause of gut dysfunction is toxicity which comes in various forms such as food packaging, amalgam fillings, eating certain types of fish, petrol, pesticides sprayed on fruit and vegetables. If you suffer from diarrhoea, constipation, low mood, poor quality sleep, brain fog, low motivation or you are always feeling tired could be signs of gut dysfunction.

This seminar will be held at Ultimate Performance, 2 Park Street, London W1K 2XA and will start at 9.30am and finish at 6pm. This is a one day, theory based seminar.

On this seminar you will learn;

  • How toxicity affects gut dysfunction and sleep in terms of performance, bodyfat and metabolism.
  • Various testing methods for toxic mould and heavy metals.
  • How to read toxicity tests and analysis reports, providing you with a checklist for detoxification
  • In-depth protocols to remove mould, parasites and heavy metals in the body, gut & brain.
  • Nutritional supplements to aid gut repair, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, chronic insufficient sleep for gut, brain health and metabolism.
  • Other tips to help support and intense detoxification process.

This 1-day course will be held at the Ultimate Performance Mayfair location:

2 Park Street, London, W1K 2XA

Early Bird Price through February 26, 2023:

In-Person: $359.50 (£295)     Virtual: $179.75 (£149)

Regular Price after February 26, 2023:

In-Person: $426.50 (£350)     Virtual: $213.25 (£176)


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