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    Jaydon Allen

    Christopher Sommer is worth checking out, his been on the Tim Ferriss podcast which is worth a listen
    his book gymnastic bodies is quite expensive I've had a flick through it before and seems good, if your serious about gymnastics might be worth checking him out
    a good book that might help as well is the supple leopard by kelly starrett which i believe charles mentioned in a video before (possibly tim ferriss podcast as well funny enough) which is joint care and motion etc

    hope you find this interesting

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    Jaydon Allen

    yeah that's good
    pretty funny I've got an EZ bar but I can't find a decent straight bar so I'm the other way around when it comes to squatting etc lol

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    Jaydon Allen

    Ah nice!

    you could do rows with your barbell and id give leaning back pull ups tend to be quite good
    yeah just got to do what you can do
    i would always have the trouble when i would do lactic acid training that someone would jump on my equipment in the middle of my round so had to quickly come up with something else no issues anymore lol
    if you have not got any already fractional plates are great I can go up 1kg at a time (I'm UK) where as in the gym the jumps were normally 5kg for barbell and 2.5kg for dumbbell, they can get pricey though for such small plates lol.

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    Jaydon Allen

    I struggled finding equipment but was able to just order some today for my home gym and have quit my gym membership due to covid and the gym messing people around
    I imagine you would still see gains from doing the hotel workout so could give it a try as for doing the fat loss workout
    this is me looking at month 8

    for chest and back i believe you would only have to swap narrow supinated chin up unless you have pull up bar if not I would swap this for something like bent over rows or deadlifts

    for quads calfs abs
    could still do the squat just with heels not elevated unless you have a way
    standing calf instead of seated unless you sit on bench with weights on knees
    switch front squat to with dumbbells
    for the pulley maybe you have bands?

    if you cant do dips id do flat db triceps extension
    hammer curl should be fine
    decline DB fine
    instead of thick grip Scott curls id do standing or seating reverse db curls

    instead of hanging unless you have bar to hang from id replace it with doing it on the bench while incline or worse case scenario any ab exercises you have access to even sit ups etc
    instead of kneeling leg curl you could do lunges with DB
    the others should be fine I presume

    this is me just quickly looking over it, its not perfect but its better to do something than nothing in my opinion as long as its not causing you injuries or too much headache.

    in reply to: How much Omega 3 fish oil should you take daily? #1137
    Jaydon Allen

    I believe it was 40g a day which is two tablespoons of fish oil, after six months you should of achieved your goal, and also checking free fatty acid profile (if your taking the test) it should be good then you can go down to maintenance level, when at maintenance levels there may be some days when you don't need to take fish oil supplement if your eating high omega 3 foods such as mackerel, sardines, other fish and maybe some wild meats depending on quality of where you live in the world, just watch out for your omega 3 to 6 ratio, while taking the fish oil this wouldn't be a problem though unless your are someone who consumes high omega 6.

    hope this helps in some way

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