What are the preferred predictor lifts when training Pole Valulters?

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    Alexander Chaney

    When training Pole Vaulters, what are the preferred predictor lifts?

    Jance Footit

    Let me see if I can get someone experienced in this to address this question.

    Alexander Chaney

    Thank you Jance!

    Ryan Faehnle

    I don't know what Charles would have said here and there may be some other coaches that have good examples, but I have trained pole vaulters and I can tell you that I did't utilize the concept of "predictor lifts."

    As a general rule, the more technical elements to the sport or sport skill, the less directly weight room exercises can transfer to performance. Compare and contrast bobsleigh to pole vault ----- you can safely assign predictor lifts for bobsleigh because sprinting with a sled is a gross motor pattern that doesn't require a ton of technical proficiency ---- some yes, but not nearly as much as a pole vault.

    This isn't to say that weight training isn't important, it just means that trying to find the "perfect" lift is an exercise in futility as there are many lifts that could fit the bill to improve strength and physical capacity enough to allow them to express their vaulting skill proficiently.

    As a general rule, vaulters need to be explosive and fast like a sprinter, have a lot of upper body strength (both pushing and pulling) and tremendous core strength and control. Any exercises that hit those qualities will be enough for physical preparation for a pole vaulter. Here is a short list of good ones that fit the bill:

    -Squats and split squats
    -Olympic lifts
    -Deadlifts / good mornings
    -Pull ups and chin ups
    -Incline to overhead pressing
    -Horizontal and vertical lower body plyometrics
    -Gymnastic abdominal progressions and core control drills

    That should be a good start to a well-rounded program!

    Alexander Chaney

    Thank you Ryan!

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