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    Federico Marcante

    Good morning, I am about to ask for a speficic training.
    In september I will have to do an internship for a specific corp, physically and mentally heavy.

    The difficultiest part is where I have to do all the movement by foot, runnigh every time, obviously with a backpack of about 15/18kg (33/40pounds), plus weapon and other equipment. This all through different environment, mountain, hill, sand, ascent, descent. It last for about a week (7days), and totally are more than 200km (124miles).

    -At this moment my training consist of the hyperthropy and strenght form from the (DojoHPP), where I reduced the Rest of some exercise, example instead of 3 minutes I do 1,3 minutes.
    -The tempo instead of high eccentric, I do more isometric, example for squat instead of 4010 I do 21X1.
    -I add some exercise/stretching to reinforce the muscle of the ankles, knees, and hips, for prevent injuries during the internship
    -I do, 1-2 times at week, an HIIT work, 20-30 minutes, of run, or with KB

    I have done a reharsal of 1 day in the mountain, with a heavier backpack, and I only had a little bother to one knee, so I think it's good.

    So my question is this, I am doing the right choiches for a good performance?

    Martin Jahn

    Programming should be done with the goal in mind to perform best at the event/peaking performance at the end of the program!

    Those army events are typically very aerobic demanding beside the stressors as sleep deprivation/ hunger/ tiredness / skill oriented and mentally taxing. As the aerobic component are the longest to build up (but they tend to decline slowly too) the base should be build now to have the options later to proceed on more difficult tasks. This can be done by performing the “easy” roadwork in a progressive style. If you are AD just do your job in a fashion like that. You can do your hypertrophy/strength work next to this.


    Eric Falstrault

    Martin is spot on. I would shift the attention to the task coming and keep the training at a minimum/ injury prevention such as your knee. Focus on endurance and maybe Twice a week on core/low back/posterior chain work.

    Federico Marcante

    Thanks to everybody for the reply

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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