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    Martin Jahn


    i just saw the DVD from Gordon Ryan (Getting Swole as A Grappler) about his S&C program... I was shocked is a nice comment to this!!! Exercise selection, tempo, form, reps/sets/programming ... all pretty bro science and maybe more or less BOdybuilding related than anything else (his coach/girlfriend is an ex comp BB). It remembers me to a eco version of Miloš hypertrophy monster sets.

    Anyways, he is the most successful and dominant grappler of the last years (weight + absolute ADCC e.g.) for sure and proves this to the highest levels in the world over and over.
    Claiming that this training gives him his sport specific conditioning and lactat retention e.g. is making me think about it. Maybe in this case (Jiu Jitsu) it works for him as his movements aren’t too explosive/ pure strength related. Or is he really just that good thought he trains like that?

    André and Eric are experts on this I hope... THX Martin

    Eric Falstrault

    Hey Martin, actually, I’m scared to look at his DVD, there is not one good comment on it for those I know who got it. The guy is still relentless and works with one of the best, Danaher. He obviously takes some special gear as well, so training is not rocket science for him and the other wrestler Nicky. those guys are technically flawless and in this case, being strong and heavy is a definite plus, no matter what training you do. They are the best team and train like it.

    Martin Jahn

    Thanks Eric for your opinion on this! You think his style of training is anyways better than NO strength & conditioning training in his case (take gear out of equation)?

    Danaher seems to be the key as even Nick Rod is very dominant (ADCC, Kasai...) at “only“ Highschool wrestling + less than 2 years in JJ...

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