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    Alexander Chaney

    Hello all! I am trying to bring up the strength of my lower back during this quarantine and made a short minimalist specialization routine that I would greatly appreciate any criticism.

    A) Banded Deficit Snatch Deadlift - 5x3-5 50X0
    B) Seated Good Morning - 3x10-15 40X0

    A) Inertia Safety Bar Good Morning - 5x3-5 42X0
    B) Horizontal Back Extension - 3x10-15 40X1

    Super basic and minimal but I wanted to include both low and high reps to hit all the fibers of the erector spinae effectively.

    Jance Footit

    Hey Alex, nothing wrong with what I see but the honest answer is that there are many many many roads that lead to Rome in this case. Just based on the fact that you have the equipment to do inertia safety bar good mornings means that you have the ability to do many other erector targeting variations. Also, you have low and high reps in both workouts, and you would better be served do 1 workout with mainly low heavy reps, and 1 workout with only higher reps. Also consider the low back take substantially longer to recover, so fitting this routine into a 7 day window may not be ideal. You might want to consider a 10 day cycle when doing a back specialization phase. Last thing I will leave you with is look into Jefferson deadlifts, and rounded back good mornings with your safety squat bar.

    Alexander Chaney

    Thank you Jance for the input! What’s your thoughts on maybe a two a day once every 5 days with low reps in the morning and high reps in evening?

    Ryan Faehnle

    Jance gave you some awesome advice and I agree. I'm not sure twice per day once every 5 days is ideal for the posterior chain if you're using axially loaded exercises that have an eccentric component, at least not unless you're VERY weak. The weaker you are at a movement, the more frequently it can be trained because it's less taxing on your recovery. Your routine structure is solid, but I would just spread it out to once every 7 days or once every 10 days, alternating between the 2 routines. If you absolutely HAD to train your back twice per week, I would make sure the second session was very light, high rep stuff like bodyweight 45 degree back extensions, reverse hypers, controlled jefferson curls, etc. Good luck!

    Alexander Chaney

    Thanks Ryan!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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