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    Jake Lalich

    I remember seeing a video a while back on youtube of Charles talking about post workout carb choices, I am no longer able to find it and was wondering beside supplements such as pentacarb. post workout if it was to come from food what are the go to carb choices and is there any rules to follow?

    for example im around 10% body fat training twice per day I aim to consume my carbs post workout 1 of the day but not sure what I should be having

    thanks in advance

    Jake Lalich

    Ryan Faehnle

    If you are training twice per day, then having fast-acting carbs in your post-workout meal is an absolute must to optimally replenish glycogen before your next training session. This means things with sugar / high glycemic index / and having very little fat and fiber in the meal. White rice, fruit juice, dates, bananas, raw honey, etc. I personally love cream of rice cereal with raisins and real maple syrup.

    Jake Lalich

    nice, thanks Ryan, I actually just switched to dates from oats and feeling much better after doing so, keen to try the rice cereal also and mix up a few other options

    what is the best way to work out quantity?

    Ryan Faehnle

    Depends on your goals, your training volume, your food intake for the rest of the day, etc. Impossible to say without doing a deep dive on the rest of the variables, but if you're around 10% body fat and doing twice per day workouts, I'd say anywhere between 75g-200g of carbs in that first meal post-workout would be fine. I know Charles used to do 200g post-workout when he was doing 2-a-days for a frame of reference based on size.

    Justin Brown

    I remember that video but can't find it anymore either. I believe Poliquin mentioned apricots being a better alternative to bananas post workout. Unfortunately I can't remember the rest of the carb choices though..


    I happened to screenshot an image that was once posted on the strength sensei legacy Instagram account.
    "Smart carbohydrate food choice to replenish your glycogen stores
    A good carbohydrate for your post workout meal answers three requirements:
    -low in fructose
    -high insulin index
    -high in glucose"
    The post than has check mark above the following:
    "Apricots, kiwis, pineapples, white rice with maple syrup, rice cake with jam"
    And an "X" mark above:
    "bananas, grapes and mangoes"
    I still have the image but not sure how to post it here.

    Jake Lalich

    thanks for sharing that mate I remember seeing that post

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