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    Frank Fu

    1) Is the fastest way to lose fat via the paleo-fisherman diet?

    2) Lots of fish and shellfish, low to no carbs, and lots of meals throughout the day. Any other caveats to this diet?

    3) Can you maintain most of or all of muscle mass be maintained during such a diet?

    4) How about the keto diet to accomplish this? Or any other recommendations?

    Thank you!

    Eric Falstrault

    I personally (with clients) had results with all kinds of diet, Calorie deficit is key. Make sure you eat the required amount of protein to gain muscle mass. People tend to over complicate things and jump from one diet to another. Focus on balance.

    One common mistake i see is to force a diet into someone instead of trying to find the type of diet someone needs. Big difference between both.

    Jance Footit

    Frank, I will make sure to put the video up in the dojo next month with Charles talking about this

    Ryan Faehnle

    Hey Frank, just to add my 2 cents in here, most of the time when people aim for the fastest possible fat loss, they end up failing. The more aggressive the deficit and the more restricted the food list, the more likely the client will be to go off the rails at the first moment of weakness. When you lose fat extremely fast, your leptin tanks and your ghrelin goes sky high. These are your appetite regulation hormones. Leptin signals you that you are full and ghrelin signals that you are hungry. So basically, when you try to do it too quickly, you are in a situation where you are constantly ravenously hungry and when you do eat, you can't perceive when you are full!! NOT a good situation! Also, for people who lose body fat the fastest, they tend to rebound the fastest and gain fat at a rate and magnitude that exceeds their rate and magnitude of loss. I've seen many yo yo dieters end up fatter than they started not long after their crash diet ends. Your best bet for losing fat and keeping it off is a sustained MILD calorie deficit with plenty of protein and fiber, and being mindful of not being overly restrictive. The more sustainable it is, the more likely a client can follow it for long enough to lose fat and keep it off with out the crazy hormonal mess that comes with doing a crash diet. Charles certainly has some awesome rapid fat loss tips, and they absolutely work, but not everyone is a "robot" with the discipline to stay the course through the torturous diet and the hormonal swings. Best of luck to you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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