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    Ms l Chamber

    Good day.

    i am wondering if anyone can comment on how to deal with DOMS where it is inhibiting growth/progress.

    Mature female following a very simply program but struggling with pain, in particular in the glutes.

    I try to push myself to work harder each time but I find that my mind seems to take over and just focus on the pain/DOMS I am experiencing.

    I want to make the most of my sessions and become a stronger, fitter person. (It is taking forever it seems to develop strength in my ankles and legs because of this inability to move past it. ( I cannot do things like glute bridges due to a neck issue. Single leg squats are impossible most days with my weaker side but I can manage some body weight squats ( I am 95kg).

    Any advice on how to deal with his pain/pyschological issue would be welcomed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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