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    Ofer Mandler

    I am trying to figure out the first number at the tempo column.
    As there are 2 approaches here:
    1. Some state that the first number regards the concentric phase of the movement (which can be also at the end of the motion).
    2. Others say it just the beginning of the motion

    What does Charles mean?

    Daniel Mattison

    Eccentric/lowering - first number
    Pause at bottom - second number
    Concentric/lifting - third number
    Pause - last number

    Hope that helps

    Daniel Mattison

    To further clarify you start the count based on the movement.

    So a pullup, a curl, a deadlift rep would all start with the third number. A back squat rep, a pushup would start with the first number.

    It depends with what action the exercise begins: a lowering or a lifting? But based on that you proceed with the tempo count as I explained above for the rest of the exercise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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