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    Oskar Gut


    I wondering if anyone has recommendations on Gymnastic strength training books? Charles mentioned one in an old video that had all the exercise progressions but never mentioned the name, it was apparently older though.

    Ive got Overcoming Gravity and was looking for some other ones.

    Jaydon Allen

    Christopher Sommer is worth checking out, his been on the Tim Ferriss podcast which is worth a listen
    his book gymnastic bodies is quite expensive I've had a flick through it before and seems good, if your serious about gymnastics might be worth checking him out
    a good book that might help as well is the supple leopard by kelly starrett which i believe charles mentioned in a video before (possibly tim ferriss podcast as well funny enough) which is joint care and motion etc

    hope you find this interesting

    Oskar Gut

    I have both of those and they are definitely useful. There is a lack of good gymnastics strength training books, hope someone comes out with a good one in the future.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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