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Eric Falstrault

Hey Ryan, If i can add something, one word, Failure. Trying to reach total muscle failure. I've played around a few things with everyone during this confinement and when limited, I use 1-2 principles. HEre is an example with mechanical drop sets using body angles.

Let's use push ups.

A1 legs elevated (incline 45') push ups
A2 regular push ups
A3 Upper body elevated push ups
A4 Kneeling push ups
Max out, as little rest as possible between each. If you want to add one more element, Once your totally done on A4, go back to do 20 sec. eccentrics on the regular pushups.

Let's say you only have a pair of DB 20lbs DB and a swiss ball at home and you want to do Biceps and triceps.

A1 Seated db frenchpress
A2 db lying extension
A3 Close grip tricep press as many reps as possible.
B1 prone spider curls elbows on swiss ball
B2 supine incline db curls on swiss ball
B3 standing db curl as many reps as possible.