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Jance Footit

Chris, I am lost on your question because your thought process separates weightlifting and strength training. They are one in the same. I feel maybe you are referring to a more hypertrophy style of training. Honestly it sounds like you need to find someone who knows how to program effectively. You can still train the lifts while increasing technique yet not driving you into the dirt, and focus on accessory work for more strength gains. Look for variations you can do that are not so demanding, like jerks from the rack or hang power variations.
Complexes are used to train work capacity in weightlifters, but that stays within their energy system demands and its definitely not the type of cardio most people think of, but believe me it will get your heart rate up just as much. Still, you shouldn't be doing complexes until you have decent form, otherwise you will end up using bad form very quickly and likely injuring yourself.