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Ryan Faehnle

Thanks for the update and the clarification. Okay, in looking at your goals and experience, I would absolutely NOT recommend doing "conditioning" complexes with the Olympic lifts.

I think your best bet is to put Olympic lifts on your other lifting days, and use other means to develop your conditioning (assault bikes, rowers, ski ergs, sleds, battle ropes, etc).

Since you want to build proficiency, just put the snatch or clean and jerk as the first lift on your 2 lower body days. If you wanted to, you could also put a VERY low volume of work in on your upper body days as well, keeping it light and focusing on technique (something like 3 sets of 2 @ 70%) or hitting different variations. If you manage your volume and intensity across the board, you can make this workable without burying yourself into the ground.

Good luck!