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Chris Rombola

Thanks for the suggestions!

Simply, I started weightlifting 5 months ago with a coach, during which time, I continued my strength training as normal.

I am not naturally very explosive. As I became more proficient in the Olympic lifts, the explosiveness transferred over to all of my normal lifts (deadlift, squat, bench, etc). I also saw almost overnight results in my traps and the thickness of my entire body.

Weightlifting 3-4 days per week and strength training 4x per week worked short term; however, I burnt the candle on both ends and need time to recover.

I am going back to my normal strength training, 4x per week, but in place of where I would normally do conditioning/recovery circuits, 2x per week, I would like to use the weightlifting.

My goals are:

1. Not to lose my technique (it took five months to go from suck to sub par lol)
2. Keep building explosiveness/speed/strength
3. Keep building my traps
4. Have fun. The Olympic lifts rock.

I thought if I used submaximal loads, I could somehow create a “conditioning session” that would give me some of the pros while not eating up too much recovery. Almost a potentiating workout that helps me perform better during my strength training vs. a workout that is going to drain my CNS.

Maybe it can’t be done; I have a very high respect for Olympic lifting after trying it myself. I’ll never be competitive, so I aim to use what I can to better help me achieve my goals (strength/body composition).