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Ryan Faehnle

Can you be a bit more specific? When you say "conditioning" what are you looking to develop?

I know Charles was not a big fan of using WL movements for creating fatigue resistance since it's a sport in and of itself and is very technically demanding (form breaks down as you get tired and do a lot of reps).

Are you trying to get better at weightlifting movements or are you just trying to use the lifts to build lactic capacity / aerobic power / etc?

Complexes can work, but I only recommend trying them if the client or athlete is very proficient at the Olympic lifts and the weight stays fairly light. Here is one that makes is way around the track and field circles for throwers. It's called the "British Circuit"

10 Front Squat
10 Power Snatch
10 Back Squat
10 Power Clean

Do 2-4 rounds depending on how badly you want to empty the contents of your stomach.

If you are looking to build alactic tolerance while still preserving technique you could try "on the minute" or EMOMs for your WL movements.

Start a clock and at the top of every minute, do 1-3 reps of a weightlifting movement. The remainder of the minute is your rest. Can be done for anywhere between 10-60 minutes depending on your conditioning and skill level.

Good luck!