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Ryan Faehnle

First of all, change your mindset that you are limited with your equipment. If you take just one exercise, let's say a prone incline dumbbell spider curl as an example, you have many different options for variation. First you can change the grip. Pronated, supinated, neutral, zottman (supinated concentric / pronated eccentric), neutral to supinating, etc. Then with each of those variations, multiply by the number of degrees of bench angles you have available on your adjustable bench. Then from there, consider tempos and pauses. You can do super slow eccentrics, super slow concentric, isometric pauses at 30 degrees elbow flexion, 50 deg, 90 deg, 110 deg, etc. You can do 1 and 1/4 reps at the top or the bottom. You can do eccentric overloaded reps after you reach failure. You can do ISO dynamic reps where you hold for 15 seconds at a fixed joint angle and then perform your reps for the set. This is an entire year or more worth of variation for just for ONE exercise, the prone incline DB spider curl. You've got a lot of tools in your toolbox!

When trying to get jacked, you have volume, frequency, and intensity. Two of these can be high at any given time while one needs to be low. This leaves you with lots of options to cycle through for you various hypertrophy training cycles:

Low volume / low intensity / high frequency
High frequency / High intensity / low volume
High volume / High intensity / low frequency

Etc you get the idea. Play with those ratios based on your needs and you will be good to go. Also, as Jance pointed out, do not overlook the impact of multiple elevations in muscle protein synthesis and the opportunity to bathe the muscles you are trying to grow in proteins, carbs, creatine, etc.

Good luck!