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Ryan Faehnle

Very mild change --- as Eric mentioned, the triceps are elbow extensors, there is no pronation or supination involved with triceps (unlike with biceps exercises).

That being said, some people "feel" an exercise in a certain area more, which could possibly indicate greater activation of a certain pool of fibers for that individual. Overall though, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it. Agonizing over this would be much less productive than just getting stronger at a variety of different meat and potatoes triceps exercises.

Finally, I will add that many popular triceps exercises wreck people's elbows, not because the exercise is bad, but because they lack the shoulder mobility to keep the elbow hinge in a straight line with the path of resistance. For this reason, I favor heavy neutral grip bar pressing with a lot of chain or band accommodating resistance to overload the lockout, and then for the high-rep stuff, you can't beat the multi-directional ability of a good pulley system. Cross-pulley triceps extensions from a wide variety of angles have proven to be VERY elbow friendly and there are almost endless variations based on the pulley position and your body position. Good luck!