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Eric Falstrault

Hey prasad, what makes you think it's a cortisol issue?

Trying to fix cortisol with supplements only is like looking at the world through a straw. You have to be aware, or at least find the reason why cortisol is omnipresent. It's multifactorial, Is it stress related? those it come from food intolerance?Sleeping issues? Cortisol management or insulin issues? Blood sugar related?

Like Dirk Said, is it high or low morning or evening cortisol issue? I try to find the source first, fix it, see if there is a difference. Take out or eliminate all possible stress issues first, observe, give yourself a few weeks. If you think its low morning cortisol and it is not, and take supplements to try and fix low morning cortisol, you might do more harm than good.If you want answers about testing, ask our Medical Expert Tim in the medical forum.

Good luck!