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Jance Footit

Great question. So from a weightlifters perspective, the deficit snatch pull is used to put knee flexion at a greater degree than just pulling off the floor. When done properly, it is brutal on the VMO and quads overall. Why it can be tough on a weak low back is because proper form of a snatch pull will have the shoulders in front of the bar all the way until the bar reaches the power position (pretty much in the hip crease), so to pull with proper form from a deficit (even just the floor really) it takes tremendous back strength to hold that position all the way up. So it really depends on what the weak link is, and that will determine the load and nature of the exercise. If the back is the weak link, you'll lighten the load and focus on manipulation TUT variables to properly gain strength there. If the legs are the weak link you want to hit then the load will likely be higher and again the intent is shifted. Shooting the hips up is poor form with little to no transfer to anything worth a damn. The closest variant to this that can be used to train glutes and hamstrings would be snatch grip RDL. Does this help?