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Jance Footit

Hey Tyson! I think the distinction of what type of athlete you are talking about needs to be made. If a bodybuilder, then using something like phase shifting (Dr DiPasquale) or macro shifting (Dr Serrano) will cause a flucuation in calories as a result of messing with macros, but the goal there is changing body comp. In contrast, a performance driven athlete should almost always be looking to push the limits of their training (macro scope, not micro scope). Calories = performance. No 2 ways about it as far as I know. Having phases where you eat less will also have you performing less. If there is a logical and well thought out reason why, like dropping BF% to increase overall efficiency, then sure. However that phase of training will also be dictated (or should be at least) by the fact that you cannot push that athlete the same while in a calorie deficit. Ultimately, if you have an educated and well thought out reason why you would restrict someones calories while still maintaining a long term trend in increasing performance, then give it a shot! If you're just doing it by shooting from the hip, tisk tisk (which I know YOU'RE not, just saying).