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Ryan Faehnle

Okay so this topic could be an entire seminar in and of itself, but I will try to keep it brief. First off, if you have a truck that's awesome because you have near endless possibilities for inducing metabolic torture to your clients and yourself. With a heavy load, I much favor training the power side of the various energy systems, as opposed to capacity. This means complete recovery between reps and a lower overall volume.... but you have to EARN your recovery with 100% true maximal effort. Sprinting while pushing the truck as fast as you possibly can for 30 seconds (once you've gotten it moving) will leave you praying for your soul after just 1 rep. Don't be tempted to go again before you are fully recovered, aim for QUALITY of effort over quantity. Mark the distance you push in that 30 seconds and try to exceed it each time if you can. Once your performance drops more than 10%, it's time to move on, even if you've planned for more reps initially. No sense training a sub-par adaptation. Keeping in mind that I have no idea who the client is or their ability level or the size of the truck, here is a sample workout for lactic power:

A. Forward Truck Push Sprint - 3x30 seconds maximal / 5 minutes recovery

B. Backward Drag - 3x30 seconds maximal / 5 minutes recovery

C. Seated Hand over Hand Rope Pull - 3x30 seconds maximal / 5 minutes recovery

If you create a high enough output in the 30-second work windows, this will absolutely dust someone and really build their "metabolic engine."

Good luck!