ELDOA Level 1 & 2

Event Date:

May 9, 2021

Event Time:

10:00 am

Event Location:

5 Rings Barbell

The ELDOA™ are postural exercises (LOADS) that you can do yourself with the primary goal being to increase the space within a chosen articulation. As the ELDOA “create” space, there is an improvement in joint mechanics, increased blood flow, reduced pressure on the discs, a reduction of pain, spinal disc rehydration, better muscle tone, improved posture, and a sense of well being and awareness.

The human spine is a complicated and vital structure. Compression and articular blocks can cause pain, arthritis and neurological conditions. The ELDOA postures are a highly effective solution to these conditions. The ELDOA are very precise postures that target a specific joint region to provide relief from pain and restore balance.

Designed by French osteopath Guy VOYER DO, the ELDOA (Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptition Osteo-Articulaire) utilize myofascial stretching to put tension around a primary lesion making it the center of “separating forces.” The myofascial tension solicits a postural normalization in a specific joint resulting in numerous benefits.

LOADS (Longitudinal Osteo-articular Decoaptation Stretches – the English acronym) are postural self-normalizing techniques, which aim at widening the space within a pair of joints. It is possible in one minute a day to relieve disc compression between L5-S1 or even more specifically at the base of the long arm of the left sacroiliac joint.

The Goals of the ELDOA™ are as follows:

  • To create more space between the vertebrae.
  • to Create more space for the intervertebral disc.
  • To depress the nerve between the vertebrae.
  • To improve proprioception of the vertebral joint segment.
  • To improve proprioception of the Function Spinal Unit (FSU).
  • To hydrate the intervertebral disc.
  • To move all the parts of the annulus fibrosis to stimulate the water intake.

Instructor: Ben Velazquez

Price: $1400 (10% off for Dojo members)

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Total Seat: 20
  • 5 Rings Barbell
  • 847 GA-124 STE F
  • Braselton
  • GA

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  • May 9, 2021 10:00 am - May 12, 2021 - 6:00 pm
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